1952 Jaguar XK 120

Bill Pack

The passion I have for classic cars grew from my days as an advertising photographer in San Francisco. In San Francisco, I developed my design and lighting of products, ranging from Apple computer to Levis, Acura and Mazda. During this time I perfected a lighting technique called “Painting with Light”. This process of lighting allows me to layer and sculpt the subject with light, which allows me to bring out the beautiful shapes and lines of classic cars. Most people have pictures of their cars, but very few have images of their cars that reflect the art of the automobile. This is my journey, to photograph the most beautiful automotive works of art in the world, and to present them as the art they truly are. If you desire to have your automotive treasure photographed and presented as a work of art, contact me for Commissions at 404-474-1930 or by email at bill@v12enterprises.com.

TMHS: I am quite intrigued with your lighting technique, “Painting with Light”. Can you tell me more about this? How did using this technique shape your work as it is today?

BP: .  “Painting with Light” is a process of layering light on a subject. Each exposure is about 4 to 15 minutes. During this exposure I shape the car with light. It is through this “layering" of light that the passion of the automotive design is revealed. Each image is unique and hand crafted.

The first step in my journey to create automotive art, was experimenting with lighting.  I refined the technique through advertising photography in San Francisco. With adjustments to how I “painted with light”,  I was able achieve the look I was seeking.