Automotive Auctions

It is the memories that matter in life. The V12 Legacy Image Collection serves both the Private Seller and the Auction Company promoting and marketing a special car.


When only the Best will do


Private Seller

A V12 Legacy Image Collection is perfect for that special car going to auction. It serves two purposes. One, it presents the car as art, which sets it apart from others offerings in the catalogue. Second, the art of the car remains in the possession of the collector to enjoy forever. 


Auction Companies

Bill has refined his lighting process "Painting with Light", to be mobile for easy air travel. Unlike big box studio lighting, which requires extensive set up time and space, Bill is able to adapt most sellers garages to work with his space requirements. Bill's V12 Legacy Image Collection gives prominence to deserving cars and is a value add to your special clients. V12 has a series of offerings to enhance and extend the experience of your most special clients. Contact V12 for more information.