At V12 Enterprises we design custom offerings for Automotive Museum’s and Automotive Installations.  Each collection or exhibit is unique, V12  works to develop a visual legacy offering that best promotes and reflects the collections design aesthetics. V12 Enterprises works with each client to design a custom product offerings to best leverage the assets of a museums collection.


Art Books, Magazines and more

The first step is for V12 to produce a image library of a museums collection. From this collection V12 works with museums to develop and produce custom branded print and digital products. V12 helps museums share and celebrate the automobile through art and design.


Posters and Fine Art Prints

V12 works with each museum to create branded products to touch each price point and appreciation level of attendees. V12 produces branded products in collector editions, designed to create returning consumers eager to purchase the next collector edition.


Besoke Merchandise Products

Contact us and begin the conversation of how V12 can create a branded suite of products that celebrate your collection and exhibitions.