Private Collectors

I believe every car has a story.  Every story has two main elements: the narrative and the visual. I've perfected a technique called "painting with light" to unlock the visual narrative. Light reflects the owner's passion.  Light reveals the essence of the design.  The combination creates a visual legacy that honors the car, collector and community.


Legacy Image Collection

The V12 Legacy Image Collection is a series of 7 to 10 images of each car. Bill's process begins with a conversation. This conversation with the owner reveals the current narrative and story of the car and what makes it special to this owner. Bill finds out what line, section or detail that the owner is most drawn to. This allow Bill to create imagery that speaks to the current owner. The biggest response Bill gets when owners view the final collection is I wish I would have done this with all the cars that have moved on from the collection. Click here to see a V12 Legacy Image Collection sample of the Ivan Ruiz Collection.


bespoke Book Offerings

After a V12 Legacy Image Collection is created, we can offer a range of bespoke products. This process begins with a consultation to design and curate something special that will make any collector proud. 


Fine Art Prints

After a V12 Legacy Image Collection is created, we can curate and design a wonderful gallery of Fine Art Prints. They will be a collection of art prints that will not just be relegated to the garage.