The Man has style Interview #2

“If you have been following The Man Has Style for a few years now, you may remember when I came across the work of Bill Pack. I was blown away by his attention to detail and the beauty of the luxurious cars he was capturing through his photographic art. So much, that I had to interview him back then on The Man Has Style and my admiration has only grow and I wanted to share the latest from Bill’s latest achievements once again.

Bill’s photos are what I see as the definition of perfection. He has an ability to capture the emotion of what is so beautiful about these amazing, and often rare, cars which makes each piece even more appealing. Bill captures the curves of the car, so you feel like you are on a journey in your vision, yet he takes it further. It’s like you can hear the most amazing music playing and your eyes are taking in every spectacular detail and a story in unfolding.” - Sarah Crawford - founder of The Man Has Style

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